Assignment descriptions for various topics.

Topic: Ancient Rome


Ask students to choose one of the following: Ancient Rome, World History, Art History.

  1. Given a time chart, students need to make a list of five accomplishments made by Roman emperors one year after another (from 30 A.D. to 300 A.D.). They also need to identify the main characteristics of the time period.
  2. Students need to write five paragraphs about the life of Hadrian, the Roman Emperor who ruled from 117 A.D. until his death in 138 A.D. They should include: Hadrian’s personality, significant events in his life, why did he become an emperor, etc.
  3. Ask them to make a comparison between their selected historical figure and a modern-day person that has something in common with him/her (ideally living or dead.) These people might live or have lived anywhere on Earth.
  4. Have students do a research on any other piece of art created during the same time period.
  5. Give them a brief description of the artist. Students need to create a story about the painting, describing the surroundings and include information on the style of the painting and why it might have been produced. They can include up to 30 words in this imaginary story.
  6. This might be done collectively or individually. Ask them to create an imaginary portrait of a time traveler. The portrait should contain a time chart and a brief explanation of the events the time traveler is witnessing.
  7. As students are completing their homework, they can make a time chart on paper (where they write the start date and the end date in years and months), on Google Sheets or even on a calendar where they can highlight and circle dates.
  8. This may be included into a larger project in which they re-create the Roman Empire in the computer. Here, students might create a website or podcast or video.

Topic: The Bermuda Triangle


  1. See the attached file for the answers to the assignment.
  2. As homework, have students look up one piece of information on the internet (an incident related to the Bermuda Triangle) and explain what they’ve found to someone else whom is in the class.
  3. Write a paragraph about the Bermuda Triangle with 2 ideas from the first week’s material. Select an incident/accident and explain what happened and why it may have taken place. (write about something that happened.) You might give the students a model of the triangle to get them to think about where the incidents might have happened. This will be used as an assessment of the lesson.