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Topic: Solving Linear Equations


Students will learn how to solve equations by undoing the operations in the reverse order of how the expression would have been evaluated.

Student Objectives:

Students will be able to solve equations by undoing the operations in the reverse order of how the expression would have been evaluated.

Materials and preparation:

- Calculators

- Printed copies of the Solving Linear Equations worksheet (PDF)

- Notebook paper

- Markers

- Solving Linear Equations worksheet (PDF)

- Whiteboard

Key terms:

- equation

- inequality


- Solving Linear Equations (PDF)

Introduction (5 minutes):

- Ask students to create a word problem that can be solved with a linear model.

- Challenge them to come up with a situation where you have a target dollar amount that has to be spent visiting one store and then another while shopping.

- Challenge them to consider a budget that limits their spend to only $25 for shopping, $10 for gas and $10 for food.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher modeling (20 minutes):

- Display the worksheet so all students can see it. Use examples on the worksheet to show students how to write equations and solve them.

- Ask a volunteer to read a scenario from the worksheet out loud and answer each question aloud as they come up.

- Ask a volunteer to write an equation to solve for their scenario and use them as a model for solving for other scenarios.

Guided Practice (15 minutes):

- Break students into groups and ask them to work independently to solve equations on the worksheet. Challenge them to work through their math notebooks to help them solve problems.

Independent working time (20 minutes):

- Demonstrate to students how to use their ways of working and reviewing paper to self-assess.

- Ask a volunteer to draw a line through the steps they took to solve an equation, including what they did if the answer was zero. Ask them to underline words to indicate that there are already


- Challenge all volunteers to explain to someone else how they solved their equation.

- Make sure every student has had an opportunity to practice solving equations with their math notebook.



- Apply this concept to multi-step equations


- Work with students in groups of three. One student models how to solve an equation, the first student solves it independently, and the second student helps students.

- Make sure students are comfortable undoing the operations in the right order, and slowing down to work it out.

Assessment (10 minutes):

- Each student will have one minute to solve an equation. Ask a volunteer to read an equation aloud and challenge students to solve it.

- Make sure students have reviewed how to look in their math notebook for help solving equations.

Review and closing (5 minutes):

- Assign students a worksheet with a multi-step equation for them to solve.

- Invite a volunteer to unfold their piece of paper and guide them as they solve the problem.

- Ask volunteers to develop an expression using 5x - 3x, 6 - 3x, 4 - 3x and 5x - 5x.

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