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Brainstorm, find curated content and teach your lesson with an all-in-one platform.

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"This tool allows me to introduce topics to my students so that they can fully grasp the concepts."

Karla Hawkins
STEM Expert

"Love that you can find high-quality content, tailored to your students' interests and needs. Only wish I had this earlier in my teaching career!"

Alexandra Faig
Curriculum Designer

"Really cool product! Magic Educator has the potential to save teachers a lot of time which is HUGE!

Christian Frien
K-12 Math teacher

Create an amazing lesson in 1 minute.

Yes, you read that right :)

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Find resources

Browse materials by lesson topic and adapt to grade, subject, and format. You can save favorite materials and add them to your lesson.

Generate your lesson

Pick your topic, subject and level and we'll generate the rest of the lesson plan. Edit and create new parts of the lesson.

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Request feedback

Print your lesson for a class, share it with colleagues, and collect feedback from students. All in one place. Check out how it looks:

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